Wednesday, 25 November 2015

LGG Marketing - Direct Mail leaflet distribution

Direct Mail leaflet distribution campaigns have proven to significantly increase a company’s ROI.
From obtaining mailing lists for you (we have a brilliant relationship with both Experian & Royal Mail and so get favorable rates) to content writing , printing letters, mailshots, complex flyers/plain leaflets to distributing/franking your media for you we can perform as your very own full mailing house from start to finish.
We already regularly conduct direct mail leaflet/letter distribution campaigns for the likes of Papa Johns Pizza, several estate agents and gyms throughout London and surrounding counties. Whatever your direct mail requirements, get in touch we may have the solution you have been looking for.
Proven scientific research shows that a more personalised/direct approach helps strengthen relationships with your target audience.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lgg Marketing - Bespoke Distributions

Bespoke Distributions

At LGG marketing no leaflet distribution campaign is ever too much. If you have a bespoke/ unconventional system, method or technique that you wish to use/ trial for your Door 2 Door campaign then look no further.
We have the systems, infrastructure, tools and workforce to enable us to execute your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign. All we’ll do is calculate what we need in terms of resources, tools & time and quote you accordingly.
We have conducted many different types of bespoke distribution campaigns on behalf of our very satisfied clients from placing vehicle servicing hooks on mercedez benz or BMW cars to posting water bottles & collecting them the day after for a water purification company.
Our neighbors in the Unit next to us in our business park have a new state of the art, patented way of double glazing your property at up to 80% cheaper than conventional double glazing techniques. They asked us over 10 months ago to conduct bespoke leaflet distribution campaigns for them that involve posting only to single glazed properties among other things and after only their 1st two campaigns they were fully booked for over 4 months and their new business has taken off.

Monday, 23 November 2015

LGG Marketing - Blanket Distributions

Blanket Distributions

At LGG Marketing we hire fit and athletic distributors “distribution athletes” who move quickly & efficiently from door to door distributing your promotional material.
Blanket distributions are a cost effective way of targeting a large number of households within a clustered area.
Whatever your requirements, whether you wish to skip out flats or council properties at LGG marketing we conduct campaigns for a wide range of businesses across an assortment of industries and are sure we have just the solution for your distribution needs.
Generally our distribution athletes aim to hit a letterbox every 15 seconds increasing their productivity compared to distributors who walk and also increasing the scope of what we are able to do for you.
Speed is important as it ensures we are able to offer you the best possible service at an affordable rate.
Click on “why choose us” below to view our comprehensive selling points on why you should choose us for your leaflet distribution marketing needs



LGG marketing are a direct marketing company based in North London specialising in leaflet distributions, bespoke distributions, printing & design, street promotions.
We are a new company with more than 20 years combined experience obtained from working for top marketing, design & distribution companies within the U.K. We are innovating & changing the way distributions are conducted by using innovative techniques to improve efficiency & productivity. We are Full, proud members of the prestigious DMA association and are bound as well as adhere to their code of conduct.
We do a lot of work for a variety of different companies from other marketing & advertising firms that use us as their own in-house distribution team to high street brands such as Papa John’s and Dominos Pizza, Nuffield Health gyms, IC property, Maid2clean, Schools, Councils, we’ve done work for Mercedes benz, a host of estate agents and many more not listed.
We are also a Green Company and re-plant trees monthly on behalf of our clients who print and distribute with us as a socially responsible way of replenishing that which we use. Click on ourEnvironment & Recycling tab for more information and to join us in offsetting some of your carbon footprint.